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    16 май 2018

    The reason I was so aggrated was because I had a ticket and I still had not gotten the message that you sent. In my opinion, and maybe I'm wrong, an acknowledgment of how you should come within 24 hours of submission. I'm not saying you were at fault for anything. In fact, I'm sure that when my issue came to your attention, you acted on it right away. I'm just saying that, perhaps, the support staff at Arkaos is back-logged. However, you can not imagine the value of a simple message to say exactly what you said, "we have your ticket, and we have escalated it". Once a person receives a message like that, they can relax knowing someone is working on it.The benefit to you, the Arkaos staff, is that the follow up messages will not be so angry and filled with frustration.

    Please help.

    I did not find the right solution from the Internet.

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